Complete accounting and tax services, certificate (BOI)


As an accounting firm Provide accounting services And full duty tax According to generally accepted accounting standards



1. Accounting services

Registered as a bookkeeper of the business as required by law.
Consultation on document and accounting system planning Internal control and filing of documents to the entity directly by experts in accounting and auditing.
Receive training in document system and accounting system for 2 persons, and receive documents, manuals and CDs for subtitles.
Analyzing the list of documents for recording income, expenses and accounting improvement.
Accounting records in accordance with the accounting standards. With the latest accounting software certified by the Revenue Department
Complete various account books as required by law, including purchase journals. Sales journal Receipt journal Pay journal General journal And ledger account book Ready to deliver to customers every year
Prepare accounts and close financial statements in the middle of the year. To prepare the annual corporate income tax estimate (Por Ngor Dor 51)
Prepare an income statement Prepare the annual financial statements as of December 31, or in accordance with the Company's Articles of Association for each year, consisting of trial balance, ledger, income statement and balance sheet with details of financial statements.

2. Tax services

   V.A.T. is the preparation of tax forms related to the business. Ready to deliver to the Revenue Department within the time specified by the law as follows   

2.1 Prepare tax forms and submit monthly revenue With tax filing service (if any) including

Employee income tax withholding from salary (PND 1)
Withholding personal income tax form (PND 3)
Withholding corporate income tax form (PND 53)
VAT form (Phor Por 30, Phor Phor 36) 2.2 Prepare input and sales tax reports.
2.2 Prepare input and output tax reports

2.3 Prepare and submit annual forms consisting of
Prepare an estimate of corporate income tax for the year. Prepare and submit a mid-year corporate income tax return (PND 51) to the Revenue Department.
Calculate annual corporate income tax Prepare and submit the annual corporate income tax return (PND 50) to the Revenue Department.
Prepare the Form Sor Bor Chor 3, List of Shareholders (Bor Jor 5) and details supporting the filing of financial statements ready to submit to the Ministry of Commerce.
Prepare an annual salary summary report (PND 1 Kor) and submit to the Revenue Department.
3.Social security work

Inform in - notify out Social security through the Internet
Prepare and submit a monthly social security contribution form.
Prepare and submit the annual compensation fund remittance form, Kor Tor 20, Kor Tor 26.
Social Security Document Delivery Service
Suggest benefits as announced Social Security Office (Additional case)

4. Providing advice on accounting, taxation and social security related to the business at all times according to the service contract

5. Service for receiving-sending accounting documents and submitting tax forms to the Revenue Department

6. Additional services

Prepare financial statements in English These consist of balance sheets, income statements, and notes to financial statements.
Prepare monthly, quarterly financial statements

7. Payroll Service (Payroll Service)

with the standard Payroll program system. Along with the expertise of Asian business accounting to help manage Employee compensation payment system For maximum efficiency In the matter of accuracy And speed

Benefits you will receive

• Monthly salary registration. Or payment period.
• Report summary of cash flows. From the payroll system
• Coordinate with the bank Payroll period
• Tax status of the company
• Report summary of income, deductions for each employee. Monthly (Slip)
• Report summary income deduction for each employee throughout the year
• Report sent via Fax & Email.

You may need to use the service. Salary system From us if you have the following problems:
• Do you have personnel to calculate payroll management for your business?
• To calculate the payroll of the business crash frequently
• You do not have time for the job. Business
salary system • Your business salary system. It is not confidential
• It is difficult to coordinate with an entity's payroll
• There is no validation system in the entity's payroll system
• There are no reports you would like to know. Of the salary system
• expenses for hiring employees The salary system for employees is quite high.
• The number of employees is too large that you can handle.

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